About Efficient Dental Technologies™

The products offered by Efficient Dental Technologies™ provide dental professionals with a wide range of tools that benefit both their patients and their practices. Most EDT products are designed and developed by Dr. Mark L. Worthington. Dr. Worthington has been practicing dentistry since 1980, and his extensive experience has helped him develop the most easy-to-use and highly effective products in the industry. In his practice, he uses the EDT products that he and other practicing dentists develop on a daily basis.

With a commitment to state-of-the-art research and development, the utmost in customer service, and continued evolution in order to meet the latest needs of dental professionals, EDT provides exceptional products and services to its worldwide clients.

Revolutionizing Dentistry

Over the past 12 years, Dr. Worthington has developed a completely new, revolutionary single-unit temporization technique for the creation of temporary crowns: NU-CROWN™. Dr. Worthington’s innovations also provide Efficient Dental Technologies™ customers with the ability to create more accurate, time-saving crown build-ups; access the mouth more efficiently with U-shaped mouth props; and create distortion-free impressions with sturdy and easy-to-use impression trays.

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