NU-BLOCK™ U-Shaped Mouth Prop — Efficient Dental Technologies™

NU-BLOCK™ was designed and developed by Dr. Mark L. Worthington. As a full-time dentist practicing since 1980, Dr. Worthington is able to use his extensive experience to develop products that best meet the specific needs of the dental community. The NU-BLOCK™ U-shaped mouth prop from Efficient Dental Technologies™ displays his — and the company’s — dedication to developing more efficient ways for dentists to perform their procedures.

The NU-BLOCK™ thin, disposable prop allows the operator to gain maximum access through the opening rather than having to work around the block. And because the prop is soft and flexible, patient muscle fatigue is reduced.

NU-BLOCK™ is made of strong polycarbonate and is coated with foam to minimize slipping. This feature increases overall patient comfort and allows the dentist, dental assistant, or hygienist to work more efficiently. The cost of NU-BLOCK™ props is comparable to that of conventional disposable props, but the benefits — with the added advantages of strength, comfort, and ease of access — are greater.

  • Thin, flexible, comfortable
  • Reduces patient muscle fatigue
  • U-shape allows for maximum access

100 Props per Package — $52.00

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