The NU-CROWN™ Revolutionary Temporary Crown Technique

The NU-CROWN™ method from Efficient Dental Technologies™ allows dental professions to produce highly functional, natural-looking temporary crowns efficiently. This technique was developed by Dr. Mark L. Worthington, a full-time practicing dentist. NU-CROWN™ allows for incredibly accurate margins and excellent occlusal stops and does not involve trimming of the shell prior to lining.

An increasing number of dentists are discovering the advantages that this fast, easy, and effective technique provides. The NU-CROWN™ method offers incredible flexibility during treatment. The hourglass-shaped windows at the top of each NU-CROWN™ product allow not only for excellent occlusal stops after the excess resin has been removed, but also for a greater variety of sizes that can be used for each tooth. The presence of this excess resin actually allows the dentist to choose between two to three different sizes of crown for each tooth, all of which can be expected to function perfectly. This feature is possible because the same excess resin that makes good occlusal stops possible also helps to create better margins along the sides of the temporary fabrication.

To learn more about NU-CROWN™ and other methods for temporary crown fabrication from Efficient Dental Technologies™, contact an EDT representative.


NU-CROWN™ Molar Kit – $135

84 Total Crowns
6 Sizes per Quadrant (lower)
8 Sizes per Quadrant (upper)

NU-CROWN™ Bicuspid Kit – $55

36 Total Crowns
3 Sizes per Quadrant (lower)
3 Sizes per Quadrant (upper)

Compare the EDT Technique to Traditional Methods

Far removed from the past temporary crown techniques that produced poor anatomical designs and resulting usage difficulties, NU-CROWN™ and EZ-CROWN™ offer many benefits when compared to traditional methods for crafting dental crowns, including:

  • Superior margins
  • Tight contacts
  • Good occlusion
  • With NU-CROWN™, no adjustment prior to lining shell
  • With EZ-CROWN™, minimal adjustment prior to lining shell
  • An overall easier, faster, and more economical alternative

NU-CROWN™ Fabrication Details

  • 1. Choose a shell that passively fits over the prepared tooth (The contact will be formed with the resin liner — Step 3).

  • 2. Fill the shell with any liquid / powder acrylic resin. If using automix resins, the EZ-CROWN™ technique should be used.

  • 3. Place lined shell over prepared tooth. Use a wet cotton pellet to form contacts and shape margins.

  • 4. Have patient close on lined shell to establish solid occlusal.

  • 5. Finish margins and contacts and adjust occlusion.

  • 6. Cement finished NU-CROWN™ to complete the process.