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At Efficient Dental Technologies™, we are proud to provide groundbreaking products to meet the needs of modern dental care providers. We are also proud to provide the highest level of customer service to dental professional seeking ways to increase the efficiency of the procedures they perform every day.

As a smaller company than many others in the industry, Efficient Dental Technologies™ provides an unmatched level of service to each of its customers. Because of our personalized service and incredible attention to detail in the research and development of each product, working with products from Efficient Dental Technologies™ is an experience that is rewarding to dental professionals around the country and the world.

If you would like to learn more about our products and how they can benefit your practice — or if you would like to order free product samples — simply contact Efficient Dental Technologies™.


With NU-CROWN™, Efficient Dental Technologies™ has developed an entirely new way to fabricate temporary crowns. Gone are the days when poor anatomical designs resulted from difficulties in the creating of temporary crowns. NU-CROWN™ has truly revolutionized temporary crown fabrication. This method produces durable and aesthetically pleasing temporary crowns with incredibly accurate margins and no need for preoperative impressions.


The EZ-CROWN™ technique for the single-unit temporization of dental crowns has been developed by Efficient Dental Technologies™ to provide a simple, fast, and economical means of fabricating dental crowns.


TEMP TRAY™ disposable impression trays are one of the most economical tools for fabricating temporary crowns. With fast, accurate impressions and a price of 35 cents per tray, many dental professionals find TEMP TRAY™ to be an ideal alternative to more expensive products.


The NU-BLOCK™ U-shaped mouth prop from Efficient Dental Technologies™ is a thin, disposable prop that allows the operator to gain access to the treatment area more easily. With NU-BLOCK™, work can be done through the opening instead of around the block. Because NU-BLOCK™ is soft and flexible, patient muscle fatigue is also reduced.


At Efficient Dental Technologies™, we are happy to provide product samples to those who would like to experience the benefits that our products provide before making any purchasing commitments.

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