EZ-CROWN - Bicuspid Kit

EZ-CROWN - Bicuspid Kit

Efficient Dental Technologies
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Complete Molar Kit Includes:

  • 36 Total Crowns
  • 6 maxillary sizes
  • 6 mandibular sizes


  • Superior margins, tight contacts, good occlusion
  • Minimal adjustment prior to lining shell
  • Easy, fast, and economical alternative

The EZ-CROWN shells allow for tight mesio-distal contacts without being over contoured bucco-lingually. This unique anatomical design gives a more accurate fit reducing extensive trimming and adjustments. SternVantage Varnish can be included with the kit a light cured varnish that chemically bonds automix resins to the EZ-Crown shell. Any automix, composite, or acrylic temporary resin can be used to line the shell.