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The TEMP TRAY™ disposable impression tray provides an economical way to create aesthetically pleasing and highly functional temporary crowns. The use of the TEMP TRAY™ in temporary crown fabrication can often provide significant savings. At only 35 cents each, the trays cost roughly half of what other temporary crown fabrication methods do. TEMP TRAY™ also requires very little impression material to be used, allowing for additional savings.

If you are looking for an accurate, easy, and incredibly cost-effective method for fabricating temporary crowns at your practice, TEMP TRAY™ may be for you. To learn more about this and other revolutionary products — or to request free product samples — contact Efficient Dental Technologies™.

TEMP TRAY™ Advantages

The TEMP TRAY™ method offers the following distinct advantages over other products in the field:

  • Low cost is half that of other similar impression trays
  • Very little impression material needed
  • Small size
  • Very accurate
  • Easy to re-seat
  • Works with any impression material


100 Trays per Package — $35.00

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If you would like to learn more about our products — or order free TEMP TRAY™ samples for your practice — contact Efficient Dental Technologies™.